Sampler Quilt — Update!

Tomorrow is the final day of the Quilt class that I am taking with my Mom.  I am a little bit behind schedule as we are supposed to have our quilt sandwich complete for class tomorrow — that isn’t happening, I am afraid.  However, I do have the top completed!

The quilt is supposed to be 5X5, but I added an additional row so that it would not be square.  In my post here the red and white fabric will be the back and the green/white/yellow/blue stripe will be the border.  The fabric came from Connecting Threads.

So far, I am happy with my first quilt top!


7-Block Quilt fabric has arrived

My mom and I are taking a 7-Block Quilt class at Sandy’s Maket-it-Sew in Livonia.  The class starts soon and we were fearing the fabric we ordered for the class would not arrive in time to pre-wash and iron for the class.  Our worries were for naught as the fabric arrived today!