Beef and Kale Soup – Paleo

This is a soup that is pretty quick to whip up if you already have broth available.   Recipe follows.

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Today is Bone Broth Day

Today is bone broth day.  The Le Creuset Stock Pots are working hard on a pot of beef bone broth (larger pot) and chicken bone broth (smaller pot).  The beef broth was started last night in the slow-cooker.  Ten pounds of grass-fed beef marrow bones overwhelmed my slow-cooker, but about 8 pounds fit and simmered through the night.  This morning I transferred everything to the larger stock pot and added the remaining bones.  These will continue to cook for another 12 hours.  The chicken stock is being made from wings and drums.  I like the wings because of all of the cartilage — they make a very gelatinous stock.

My goal is to make stock about every 3-4 weeks and freeze it.  I do freeze in large batches (haven’t tried the ice cube method) of about 8 cups per container.  The stock will then be used to make various soups.