Sauer Kraut & Smoked Sausage – Primal

 A delicious fall meal — Smoked Polish sausage with cabbage, sauer kraut and onions.  Very easy to make, great leftover potential.  I say primal and not paleo as a purist would not likely eat cured meats.

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Primal (not quite Paleo) Pomegranate Dark Chocolate Cups

Here is a simple dessert to make with the in-season Pomegranate.  The tartness of the pomegranate in contrast with the bittersweet chocolate is divine.  These little chocolate desserts are not quite Paleo as there is sugar in the dark chocolate but they do qualify as Primal.  Sadly, the Divine brand chocolate has Soy Lecithin.  You may sub any chocolate you like.


  • 3-3.5 oz. Dark (85%) chocolate
  • 1t Coconut Oil
  • Fresh Pomegranate Arils from Large Pom

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