Bow T-Shirt for Mom

I embroidered this t-shirt for my Mom last night.  This design is from a very old Amazing Designs Beadwork collection.    Because it is a light-weight design, I hooped a piece of Wet and Stick stabilizer and positioned the shirt onto the stabilizer.  When I use a Wet and Stick type of stabilizer, I always do an outline stitch around my design to help ensure the fabric/garment does not shift during embroidery.  The bows are stitched with varigated thread from Superior Threads.  In addition to the Wet and Stick, I slid two pieces of light-weight tear away under the hoop before beginning to embroider.


Peacock T-Shirt for Mom

Here is my latest embroidery project. This is an applique peacock design augmented with a metallic fabric and a few crystals.  There are 7 crystals in the swirls on the peacock tail.  The design comes from the Anita Goodesign Peacocks .  The design was stitched on a purchased t-shirt for my Mom using Maderia rayon embroidery thread.

Blueberry Placemats and Napkins

Thanks to Nancy Zieman and her ‘No Math Miter’ set, I am able to create beautifully mitered corners. Here is the latest set of placemats and napkins. Yes, these would have been nice in June or July during blueberry season, but they are still nice in early fall!

The embroidery design is from Embroidery Library. I embroider on single-sided pre-quilted with no-sho mesh cut away and a medium tear-away. Once the design is complete, I square up the fabric and fuse to fusible fleece to create a nice substantial placemat. To finish, I spray with Best Press clear starch and give a quick press. Best Press gives a great finish and allows any food spills to easily release in the wash.