Fun and Done Zip Strip Quilting Class

This is the sample that I created in the Fun and Done Zip Strip Quilting Class tonight.  What a fun way to make a quilt!

The Fun and Done series of quilts are ‘quilt as you go’ patterns where the backing, piecing and quilting are completed all in one step.  There are numerous patterns out there now using this technique.  This 4 square sample was completed in a 4 hour class.  However, the fabric kit was pre-cut for us by the instructor.  It would go much faster with a little more experience.

No, it is not traditional quilting, but it is a fun technique!  A 2 X 3 square quilt would make a perfect size for a placemat.

Here is the pattern:

And here is the Batting Buddy tool that is used for all of the Fun and Done quilts.  It isn’t required, but it does make things easier.  The Batting Buddy center is used to cut the batting to the correct size.  The frame is used to center the batting inside the square that includes a border that is used to wrap around the square.


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